AAA Stained Glass Repair

Let Us Help You Fix Your Stained Glass Windows


Who We Are

My name is Doss Baker. I am the Owner of AAA Stained Glass Repairs. I have been a Stained Glass Artist since 1979. I am originally from Lawton, Oklahoma and I have been here in the Atlanta area since 1993.

Because of my NATIVE AMERICAN heritage, (I am Kiowa Indian decent), I named my business AAA Stained Glass Repairs. The "AAA" stands for "All-American Artist."

On-Site Repair is a unique special service. It enables me to do the repairs on-site at the home, office, or building without having to remove your whole door or window. 98% of all the jobs can be done on-site. (Besides, what would you replace it with in the mean time!?!) Now you have the convenience of having "AAA Stained Glass Repairs" come to your location to do a Quality Service.


What We Do

The main part of the business is On-Site Repairs, but we also make windows that are customized for the customer and repair art glass lamps.

Don't let that broken piece of glass give people a bad first impression. Have it repaired today by Doss Baker with AAA Stained Glass Repairs.